SP Global Construction & Electric Residential and Commercial Services


Diagnostics | Troubleshooting

Do you have a circuit constantly tripping? Or any other shorts? Or any seemingly inexplicable electrical gremlins? We can figure out why.

Remodel Wiring

Are you having your house remodeled and want wiring done for outside lights, new outlets, 220v appliances, upgraded to smart lighting?

LED Retrofit

Want to do your part to save the environment or save some money on your electric bill? LED may be the solution for you.


Do you want to upgrade to energy efficient appliances and qualify for energy rebates?

Safety Inspection

Are you buying a new house and want to make sure the electrical is safe? Sleep better knowing your house won’t become an electrical nightmare.


Commercial Diagnostics

Electrical gremlins at your business can create down time, cost you money, and give you unnecessary stress. Let us help!

Temporary Power

We can provide generators when and where you need them.

Heavy Machinery

120/277v, 208/240v, 208/240/480v. We can wire your business to run any machine you can dream of.

24/7 Emergency Services

We offer our clients 24 hour on-call emergency electrical service. Click here to learn more.


We can do all the electrics to get your private practice ready to save lives, or clean teeth.